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2016 Halloween Weekend DUI Patrol Locations

2016 Halloween Valley DUI Patrol Points With Trick-or-Treating comes an increase in DUI patrols by the valley police. We never encourage anybody to drink and drive. However, it is important to know about these locations. We very regularly speak with people who were stopped by police in these hyper-enforcement areas who were [...]

Are you Driving On a Suspended License?

Driving On a Suspended License? Years ago it was possible for undocumented people to get a driver’s license in Arizona without a social security number. That worked for a while, until the law changed requiring people who apply for an Arizona driver license to provide a social security number to verify their identity. Many undocumented [...]

Medical Marijuana Breathalyzer and DUI Laws

  What is Medical Marijuana in Arizona? The Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMA) was passed by voters in 2010.  According to the law, medical marijuana patients with a debilitating medical condition are allowed to possess up to 2.5 ounces of usable marijuana once a prospective patient receives a doctor’s recommendation and obtains a medical marijuana [...]

86 Miles per Hour and You’re a Criminal?

86 Miles per Hour and You’re a Criminal? Did you know that if you drive 86 miles per hour the police can give you a criminal traffic ticket? It’s true, and it’s a Class 3 Misdemeanor which means that a conviction for a criminal traffic ticket for excessive speed could get you sent to [...]

Do you have to pay your photo radar ticket?

R&R Law Group appears with ABC 15's "Let Joe Know" to discuss common questions fellow Arizonan's have, including: "What do you mean by served?? Physically handing it to you? Does this apply to Scottsdale??" From Nisbeth. "What if the ticket is served at the residence but not served to you?" From Bonnie. "What happens if [...]

Scottsdale Traffic Cameras Back Online

The City of Scottsdale is going to reactivate their photo radar traffic camera program starting today, May 13th 2016. The program was offline after Attorney General Mark Brnovich issued a memorandum stating that these private traffic camera companies operating the programs must obtain private investigator's licenses in order to function. Apparently, the company operating out [...]

I was mailed a photo speeding ticket for driving 11 miles over the speed limit (56 in a 45 mph zone) while I was visiting Scottsdale last month. How should I proceed?

We are sorry to hear about your ticket! The first question is whether or not you got an actual traffic ticket or just a traffic violation notice. If it says something like "Notice of Violation" or "Traffic Violation Notice" then this can be completely ignored. However, if it says "Arizona Traffic Ticket & Complaint" at the [...]

Photo Radar Bill to Punish Owners, Not Drivers

Photo Radar Bill to Punish Owners, Not Drivers Located at Scottsdale and McDowell An Arizona legislator has introduced a ridiculous bill to punish owners of vehicles in alleged traffic violations, and not the actual driver. This is a recurring issue. Arizona photo radar enforcement mechanisms are rampant across Arizona. Penalties for violations can be [...]