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Do I need a DUI Lawyer?

Many people wonder whether they need a lawyer after being charged with a DUI. If a you would like to plead guilty to a DUI, you certainly do not need a DUI attorney to do that. However, if you want to avoid the penalties associated with your DUI, including mandatory jail time, license suspension, expensive fines and fees and a criminal conviction and all the collateral consequences associated with a DUI, an attorney can work with you to determine whether these DUI defenses apply:

The first question in DUI cases is often whether or not there was “reasonable suspicion” to stop you while you were driving your vehicle. The police need to have a valid reason to conduct a traffic stop and cannot do so for invalid, discriminatory or insufficient reasons. If there is no reasonable basis and no reasonable suspicion, you should have never been stopped and should have never received a DUI.
A second common question is whether you, as the driver, exercised what is known as “Actual Physical Control” over the vehicle. Arizona has specific elements that delineate when a person is in control over a vehicle, as opposed to using the vehicle as shelter. If there is no actual physical control over a motor vehicle, there is defense to your DUI.
When arrested for a DUI, you have a right to have your blood drawn separately so that it may be tested independently. We recommend that anybody arrested for DUI immediately ask for an independent test upon arrest. If this right is violated, and either the police or the jail does not release you to exercise this right, this may be a defense in your case.
If the officer did not have a proper basis to conduct an arrest, that arrest will be invalidated, along with the subsequent evidence obtained to pursue charges for a DUI. Officers often look sufficient evidence of probable cause by utilizing Field Sobriety Tests, “FSTs”, to justify their arrest. However, there are many guidelines that are put forth by the agencies who author these tests, and if these guidelines are not followed, this may be a defense in your DUI.
When arrested for DUI, you have a right to counsel. Upon invoking that right, any serious delays or denials in providing you access to means to contact your attorney can be grounds for dismissal of your charges.
Certain statements made by individuals to the police may be inadmissible if they were not obtained pursuant to the strict guidelines set forth in the Supreme Court case of Miranda. These statements that would otherwise be used to incriminate you may be thrown out for these violations.
Field Sobriety Tests are tests that are often conducted on the side of the road, under noisy or dangerous conditions that the police use to justify your arrest. Improper administration of field sobriety tests can lead to an invalidation of the arrest and a dismissal of your charges.
Improper administration or inaccurate reporting of blood or breath tests can create enough reasonable doubt in your case to lead to a dismissal or an acquittal at trial. Crime labs in Arizona are constantly going through testing to ensure they are operating properly, because often, they are not. R&R Law Group constantly monitor the latest news among Arizona crime labs to stay on the cutting edge.

Arizona DUI Penalties

Regular DUI (.08+)

  • 10 days jail
  • $250 DUI Abatement fee (+ surcharges)
  • $500 public safety fund fee
  • $500 prison construction fund fee
  • 1 year, Ignition Interlock Device
  • Jail Costs for 1 to 10 days, $70/day
  • Alcohol Screening & Treatment

Extreme DUI (.15 to .20)

  • 30 days jail
  • $250 DUI Abatement fee (+ surcharges)
  • $1,000 public safety fund fee
  • $1,000 prison construction fund fee
  • 1 year, Ignition Interlock Device
  • Jail Costs for 30 days, $70/day
  • Alcohol Screening & Treatment

Super Extreme DUI (.20+)

  • 45 days jail
  • $250 DUI Abatement fee (+ surcharges)
  • $1,500 public safety fund fee
  • $1,500 prison construction fund fee
  • 18 months, Ignition Interlock Device
  • Jail Costs for 45 days, $70/day
  • Alcohol Screening & Treatment

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When stopped by police, DO the following:

  • DO request to speak with your lawyer immediately 480.729.6280. Use the word “lawyer” in your request, and be unequivocal about it. State clearly and thoroughly, I do not agree to answer any questions or perform any tests until I speak with my lawyer.
  • DO provide your name, driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance to the officer.
  • DO ask to be released for an independent blood test.
  • DO be firm, but be polite in your requests.


  • Do NOT answer any of the officer’s questions (how much have you had to drink tonight, where are you going, do you know what time it is, etc.)
  • Do NOT agree to do an eye test (the “pen test”)
  • Do NOT agree to do any field sobriety tests (one leg stand, walk and turn test, finger to nose test, or any coordination tests)
  • Do NOT agree to a blood test, breath test, or urine test until you have spoken with a DUI lawyer.
  • Do NOT be rude or try to talk your way out of the process.

Recent Results

State v. W.M., Super Extreme DUI Dismissed, San Marcos Justice Court

Client charged with Super Extreme DUI, (0.20+ BAC). Client was involved in an accident that resulted in serious injuries. Client was arrested and taken to the hospital where his blood was subsequently drawn without a warrant. The police phlebotomist was not a police officer, but was hospital staff. Due to complications with the blood draw and other lacking evidence, all DUI charges were dismissed, and our client accepted a plea deal to reckless driving. At the beginning of the case, our client faced 45 days in jail. At the end of the case, he served 1 day in jail (approximately 12 hours) and escaped a DUI conviction on his record.

State v. C.W., Drug/Alcohol DUI Dismissed, Phoenix City Court

Client charged with Drug/Alcohol DUI in the City of Phoenix, after she was stopped for a wide-right turn. Client had consumed an amount of alcohol that interfered with medication that was taken for epilepsy. Client’s medical conditions contributed to her poor performance on her Field Sobriety Tests and Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus tests. The Officers erroneously confused her performance on her tests with impairment, arrested her and charged her with DUI. After retrieving our client’s records and presenting them to the Prosecutor’s office, we were able to show that her alleged impairment did not exist. The state realized that they would not have enough evidence to convince a jury otherwise, and the DUI was dismissed. Our client plead responsible to a civil traffic infraction and paid a small fine.

State v. J.L., Tempe Municipal Court, 2nd Time DUI Allegation Dismissed

Client charged with 2nd Time Super Extreme DUI in the City of Tempe after getting into an accident. Client had a prior DUI in the State of Texas within the last 7 years, which is the statutory requirement in order to be considered a second offense. Client’s blood alcohol content was over .20, and with the prior conviction our client was facing 180 days in jail. Our office review the Texas case law relating to DUI and argued that the Texas DUI would not be considered a DUI in Arizona, and thus under Arizona law, it should not be considered an alleged prior. After multiple motions back and forth between the state and oral arguments in front of the Judge, the prior allegation was dismissed. At the end of the day, our client plead guilty to a first time extreme DUI, and served approximately 1 week in jail, instead of 180 days.

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State v. C.D.

R&R Law Group handled the defense and dismissal of my entire case. I never even stood trial. Thank you again, R&R!

State v. Dr. P

Called R&R Law for traffic ticket dispute and paid my fee. My court date passes and I call the office and was informed by him that my traffic ticket was completely dismissed due to their work. Easy as 1, 2, 3. I strongly recommend they as they are very professional and very skilled at what they do.

State v. Greg

R&R has represented my interests several times in legal matters. They have consistently offered well founded, objective, knowledgeable advice to enable me to make informed decisions. He is hardworking, aggressive in support of his clients, and scrupulously honest. I strongly recommend him.

State v. Danny

I received a criminal speeding ticket, that I knew I was going to need a lawyer in order get it dismissed. I contacted several other attorneys, but felt comfortable after speaking with Mr. Gruler. He handled my case very professionally and it was very simple for me. If you are reading this review, and are looking for an attorney to represent you, I would highly recommend Mr. Gruler. Very happy with the service I received.

State v. Kyri

“A God Amongst Lawyers” I give him the title listed above because I really had no case and he was able to keep my record clean. He was straight forward with me and worked with my budget. Over all I appreciate his level of respect for me a person and appreciate his work. I hope I never have to get a lawyer again but if I do Roberts email, office & cell number are save in my phone. Thank you R&R Law Group for all that you do.