It is always wise to contact an attorney right away. They are going to be looking out for your family member or your friend’s best interest, and make sure that things are going according to the rules of the constitution, and criminal procedure. Oftentimes, the police will be forceful, and attempt to be coercive in making certain people give statements, making certain threats about what they can do, and say to our clients. An attorney will be able to make sure that the protections that are in place are being enacted, and upheld. In finding a qualified attorney, many people will simply turn to the internet. They will do a google search, and look for local lawyers who are open 24×7. There are a couple of different websites that we recommend people visit. One of them is called

That has a listing of attorneys, and their credentials, it has reviews that other people have left for those attorneys. People can visit that site, look, and see what other people are saying about attorneys. It also lists whether the state bar has sanctioned attorneys and if they are on probation. There are other websites that people use frequently, things like Google business, where reviews are posted, even Yelp is a good resource. If you do not have an attorney in your referral network, or a family member who can refer you to somebody they trust, then those are good resources to start with.

It is recommended that you contact at least a few attorneys, and find somebody that you are going to be comfortable with. Find somebody who is not going to pressure with a hard sale, and somebody that you feel you have a good rapport with, and that has experience in your field. Do your research on the internet, it is also about taking the time to find, and speak with an attorney that is willing to listen to your story, and offer some guidance on what to do next.

How Can I Discover Where A Friend Or Family Member Has Been Taken After An Arrest?

It is going to depend on the nature of the charge. If it was a DUI, or a misdemeanor, and that individual or family member has an idea of what jurisdiction it may have occurred in, it would be fruitful to contact the local Police Department to see if that person is in their custody. If it is a city court, you start with city police. If it is a felony, you may call the jail to see if they can help you locate that individual. It can be tricky to track somebody down, because oftentimes-family members do not know what agency arrested that individual, or where they are held.

Our office has access to all sorts of secret numbers that give us direct access to many of these different agencies. We can find people quickly, and make a determination as to what stage they are at, whether they are scheduled to see a judge, scheduled to be released, and we can determine exactly what needs to happen next. Therefore, instead of having the friends or family call around, and track this person down, call a criminal defense lawyer. They have immediate access to these people, and these agencies, because we deal with them on a regular basis.

Can An Attorney Help A Friend Or Family Member Get Out Of Jail?

Yes, definitely, any attorney can help a family, or a friend. Oftentimes, people who are arrested, especially for felonies, will see a judge without representation, and if that happens, the state may make a recommendation as to the release conditions. The state may recommend that the individual not be released from custody, or be released with a very high bond, or establish some other requirements prior to granting a release. If you have an attorney present with you at that arraignment, an attorney can counter those recommendations, and offer a rationale that would make release easier, and encourage the judge to let that individual out of custody without the onerous requirements that are recommended by the state.

We can make an argument that they be released on their own recognizance, and not have any additional requirements by pointing out that an individual has no prior record, and does not have any history of fleeing the state. They have substantial ties to the community whether it is family, or work, and illustrate other factors that will legally push the judge to be inclined to allow that person to be released quickly than they might otherwise. If that person is not released, they have to post a high bond, that can be cost prohibitive, and that individual may not be able to get out of custody until that bond is reduced later. That can be anywhere from thirty to forty-five days. Therefore, in terms of getting people out of custody as quickly as possible, it is important to have an attorney present.

Can Someone Change Their Attorney During The Pendency Of Their Case?

Yes, you can change your attorney if needed. That individual is free to change attorneys at any time; it is a very simple process. It is called the substitution of counsel. What happens is once that individual finds an attorney that he wants to have represent that individual for the remainder of the case, he hires that attorney, or that firm, and they file a substitution of counsel notifying both the court, and the first attorney that has been brought on board. The first attorney is then required to transfer the case file over to the new attorney, so representation can continue seamlessly.

Generally speaking, judges and courts are inclined to grant substitutions pretty liberally. Judges have problems with changing attorneys once cases get old. The judges want the same attorney to continue representation, and this is just a matter of practicality. Judges do not want people changing attorneys the day before a trial, or the day before a major hearing, because they want the cases to move and close. They do not want them continuing on a long basis, and substitute attorneys need to come up to speed with the case.

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