How to Quash a Criminal Warrant in Arizona – R&R Law Group

How To Quash A Criminal Warrant In Arizona A very common question that we get regarding criminal cases is what happens if I miss my court date and I have a warrant. It's a very common thing that happens. We're all extremely busy, everybody has a lot going on. Sometimes you'll get [...]

Do you have to pay your photo radar ticket?

R&R Law Group appears with ABC 15's "Let Joe Know" to discuss common questions fellow Arizonan's have, including: "What do you mean by served?? Physically handing it to you? Does this apply to Scottsdale??" From Nisbeth. "What if the ticket is served at the residence but not served to you?" From Bonnie. "What happens if [...]

I was mailed a photo speeding ticket for driving 11 miles over the speed limit (56 in a 45 mph zone) while I was visiting Scottsdale last month. How should I proceed?

We are sorry to hear about your ticket! The first question is whether or not you got an actual traffic ticket or just a traffic violation notice. If it says something like "Notice of Violation" or "Traffic Violation Notice" then this can be completely ignored. However, if it says "Arizona Traffic Ticket & Complaint" at the [...]