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Are you Driving On a Suspended License?

Driving On a Suspended License? Years ago it was possible for undocumented people to get a driver’s license in Arizona without a social security number. That worked for a while, until the law changed requiring people who apply for an Arizona driver license to provide a social security number to verify their identity. Many undocumented [...]

Photo Radar Bill to Punish Owners, Not Drivers

Photo Radar Bill to Punish Owners, Not Drivers Located at Scottsdale and McDowell An Arizona legislator has introduced a ridiculous bill to punish owners of vehicles in alleged traffic violations, and not the actual driver. This is a recurring issue. Arizona photo radar enforcement mechanisms are rampant across Arizona. Penalties for violations can be [...]

Tempe Passes Toughest Texting & Driving Law in Arizona

Introduction Tempe recently passed a city ordinance that gives law enforcement additional authority to fine drivers for texting and driving. According to, if an officer sees your vehicle swerving and sees your cell phone out, that officer can stop you and issue a citation for texting and driving. It is not clear if it [...]