Out-of-State Driver License Suspensions

“One Driver, One License, One Record”

If your driver license is suspended in one state, it is likely to be suspended in any other state you relocate.

This means that if your driver license is suspended in Arizona and you relocate and apply for a driver’s license in a different state, Arizona will report the suspension preventing you from obtaining a driver license in another state.

States communicate with each other of all driver license suspensions or revocations.

You will have to reinstate your driver license before you are able to obtain a license in a different state.

What states do not share driving records?

There are five states that do not share driving records:

  • Georgia
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Tennessee
  • Wisconsin

This means that if you relocate to one of these states it is very possible to obtain a driver license regardless of the status in all other states.

How do I reinstate my driver’s license?

First you need to figure out why your license is suspended. You can obtain this information several different ways.

Correspondence from MVD: MVD will mail a corrective action letter to the address they have on record.

This will be the address you listed on your driver’s license.

The letter will explain why your license is suspended, when the suspension began or will begin, and what you can do to correct this situation.

Therefore, it is crucial to update your address with MVD every soon as you relocate.

Below is a sample of a corrective letter.

Motor Vehicle Record: You can obtain a copy of your motor vehicle record by going to the following site:


Once you are on the MVD site you want to select:

  • Driver License Motor Vehicle Record – 39 Month Uncertified

This record will reflect your information, i.e. name, date of birth, driver license number (customer number), issued and expiration dates, weight, height, sex, and address.

It will list any restrictions and endorsements on your driver license.

It will have the details of your driver licenses and at the bottom of the report it will reflect all violations for the last 39 months.

This is the part of the report that will reflect any suspension to your driver license.

Contact MVD: You can contact MVD directly at (602) 255-0072 or you can go to your local MVD.

The following website lists all MVD office locations in Arizona:


Do I have to travel to Arizona to reinstate my driver license?

If you have relocated, you can reinstate your driver license on line by going to the following website:


Please keep in mind that you can only reinstate your driver license if eligible. This means that you must address the reason why the suspension was ordered in the first place.

Is there a fee to reinstate my driver’s license?

The fee to reinstate your license in Arizona is usually $50.00. This does not include any fee you might have to pay to a Court.