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Arizona expungement and set aside crimes to clear criminal history.

Start 2016 off right with a clean criminal history! Contact our office to schedule a Free Case Evaluation to learn what our team  can do help put the past behind you and start Fresh in 2016!

Whether you have been convicted of a DUI, Domestic Violence, Felony offense or a traffic related crime, Arizona has a provision in the law that allows the Court to “set-aside” your conviction, relieving you of all the penalties and liabilities associated with your conviction.

Clearing this record can help you stand out once again in:

  • Job applications
  • Professional licenses
  • Security clearances
  • Background checks
  • Credit checks
  • Housing applications
  • Restoring Voting Rights
  • Restoring Firearm Ownership Rights
An important part of repairing your record is telling your story, including what you are doing with your life and what you have done to recover from your past conviction. Our firm does a thorough interview with you to discuss your hopes, dreams, aspirations and your plan for your future. We use this material to show the court that you have taken steps to ensure there will be no further criminal entanglements, and to explain why clearing your record will be in the interests of justice.

Common examples of noteworthy topics we discuss and review:

  • School Transcripts
  • Diplomas and GEDs
  • Awards/Recognition
  • Employee of The Month Awards
  • Certificates of Achievement
  • Volunteer Activities
  • Church Involvement
  • Any Military Service
  • Successful Completion of Rehabilitation Programs
  • Community Involvement
  • Letters of Appreciation from people upon whom you’ve had a Positive Impact
  • Involvement in Certain Organizations such as Girl/Boy Scouts, etc.
  • A Discussion of your goals in Life
  • Any Specific Acts or Instances of which you are Proud
  • Summary of how this case has affected you and your plans moving Forward

Our firm takes restoring your rights very seriously, and understand it is the first step in moving forward with a clean slate. Contact us today to schedule a time to discuss your specific circumstances and the best plan moving forward. Call (480) 400-1355.

No, under Arizona 13-907, there are certain limitations to what can be removed from your record. For example, felony crimes designated as “dangerous” offenses cannot be removed by statute. Similarly, some courts will also not remove civil speeding violations or other moving violations. There is a wide variety of options in each of these cases so contact our firm for further information.

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