Arizona has a Class VI undesignated felony, which means that if you negotiate a plea agreement that has an undesignated felony, at the end of your probation, then the court can make that felony into a misdemeanor. It is treated as a felony until it is reduced.

It is also possible to negotiate a misdemeanor outcome straight from the get-go as well. If you are charged with a low level felony and it is your first offense or there are problems with the case, an attorney can often negotiate the charge down to a misdemeanor and go from there. There are some felonies where even at the end of the trial, or if you’ve pled to the court, that a judge could then turn it into a misdemeanor or leave it undesignated them self.

Can Felony Charges Or Convictions Be Expunged In Arizona?

Most felonies in Arizona can be set aside, which is a little different than an expungement. On your record it then shows the conviction was set aside versus a conviction. However, there are certain guidelines that have to be met to be eligible. Therefore, not all felonies are going to be eligible. There are some serious offenses which are not able to be set aside depending upon circumstances such as the age of a victim. It is important to know where those things are and again, that is why it is critical to have an attorney to look at everything. While your current case is being negotiated, they can look to make certain if are want to set something aside, you have to make sure that you’re not taking a plea agreement to something that can’t later be eligible.

What Do You Advise People Contemplating Self-Representation In A Felony Trial?

When facing criminal charges, everyone absolutely needs an attorney. The attorney is going to help fight to negotiate the outcome of your plea if you do plan to plead guilty. However, whether you want to plead guilty or not or whether it was a mistake that happened or didn’t happen at all, the State still has the burden of proving that case against you. There are legal issues that could potentially come up that could ultimately lead to the dismissal of all charges. If you go in and just plea guilty, you are really at the whim of whatever the judge is feeling that day or whatever he wants to do. An attorney is going to try and get everything outlined for you in a plea agreement so that you can then know exactly what you are facing and what you are looking at so you can make a fully informed decision. It is definitely better to go in with an attorney than to try and represent yourself in a criminal case.

How Is A Private Attorney Better Than A Public Defender Or Self-Representation?

We never recommend that you go it alone. If at all possible, retain an attorney. Some of the analogies that we use sometimes is if I am hurt, I can probably just get through it and just be in pain, and eventually it’ll go away. However, if I go to a doctor, someone who really knows what they’re doing and he helps treat the pain, then it is going to make that pain go away a lot faster. You can use that analogy for anything; plumbers, electricians or basically anyone who is a professional in their trade. Yes, you can probably figure out how to fix your own light switch or your leaky pipe, but hiring somebody to help you through it is going to be a lot better.

As far as a public defender, they are told by their bosses how many cases they have to carry and they don’t get to choose which cases they have. Often they are overworked and overburdened, and you’re just not going to get that personal attention that you need. By hiring the right private firm, you’re going to be able to have the peace of mind knowing that your attorney is there for you. He is there talking to you, answering your phone calls and getting back to you in a timely manner.

What Sets Your Firm Apart In Handling Felony Cases?

The attorneys at R & R Law Group have a team approach so that all it is not just one set of eyes that’s looking at a case. They go through everything to make sure they can uncover any legal issues that may be used to a client’s advantage. They also look at all each client as unique. You can be charged with the exact same charge as somebody else but because of your facts, because of your circumstances, because of what you have going on in life, it is going to be different to you.

Some people come to the R 7 R Law Group and say, “Well, avoiding jail is really my biggest concern.”

There are other people who may say, “I can’t be on probation for a lengthy amount of time,” or, “I can’t have a felony on my record, what can we do?”

This really differentiates how the goals need to be set for each case and what the outlook may be. Every person that comes through their doors gets their own unique game plan. That is why it is important to know that when you hire the firm of R & R Law Group, you don’t just hire an attorney or a one man shop.

We have multiple attorneys and legal assistants who are used to try and find answers to any clients’ problems. At R&R Law Group, they do everything possible to put you in the best possible outcome and they also like to concentrate on customer service. That is a big differentiating factor in that a lot of other law firms are just going to look at clients like they are a number. The attorneys at R & R Law Group treat everyone like they would treat their own family. They understand that a mistake may have happened or something may have gone wrong. We all hit those little road bumps in life and the attorneys here are there to help make sure that everything gets put back together as best as possible.

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