Great Criminal Speeding Case Outcome 117 in a 65 Not Guilty

In this video, we’re talking about an amazing outcome that we got on a criminal speeding ticket.

My team has done an amazing job on this, and if I don’t brag about it, nobody else will do it, so, we’re going to do it today.

This was an awesome outcome. So, this individual came to us basically at the end of the line. There was no hope in his case. This was something where we took a look at it and we said, okay, we’ve got a lot of hurdles ahead of us.

We’ve got a very high speed, we’ve got kind of a non-favorable jurisdiction, and so, we have our work cut out for us, but at the end of the day, we got an amazing outcome and I’m going to show you what that is. So, this is the citation. I have it blocked out so that you can’t see this individual’s name, but you can see the speed here, okay.

The speed was right there, 117 in a 75. It was on radar, so, the person was going on radar, as many people will often tell other individuals that radar is basically foolproof, there’s nothing you can do about it, if they got me on radar, they got me on radar.

And so, 177 in a 75. The law in Arizona is 85, so, anything that’s over 85, 86 and above, is criminal, so, this individual was allegedly going 117 on radar.

The court was the Ironwood Justice Court, and this is a court that gets a lot of criminal speeding tickets.

A lot of people are coming back and forth between California, LA, San Diego, and they pass through this very, very big geographical location, and they get stopped for criminal speeding violations.

And so, we worked on this case for a very long time, several months, probably five, six months, and the case ended up going to trial, all right? A lot of criminal speeding tickets don’t go to trial.

A lot of attorneys will not take their cases to trial, but we do. If the prosecutor is offering us no deal, if they’re saying you have to plead guilty to the criminal speeding charge, that’s unacceptable. We might as well go to trial, and that’s what we did, and it’s a good thing we did, too, because what we got, as you can see here, was a big not guilty. See that there?

Not guilty on both charges, all right? Not guilty, adjudged and decreed not guilty of exceeding 85, not responsible for the emergency lane violation. So, pretty awesome outcome, all right? “Having heard the evidence for the prosecution “and the defense for this matter, “it is hereby ordered adjudged and decreed “that the defendant is not guilty of the exceed 85 “and not responsible for the failure “to drive in the right on the emergency vehicle.” You can see here that’s us, that’s the R&R Law Group right there, and that’s the signed and sealed area from the judge.

So, it was a very awesome outcome, all right? This doesn’t happen on every single case, but it was a good case.

It was a good outcome. The government came in, they said that they had radar.

They said they had all of the calibrations. They said they had everything that they needed to prove their case. They didn’t. We pulled out all the stops. We built a great defense. We got an amazing outcome for that individual. He couldn’t be happier. We’re happy, as well, because this guy had a lot at stake. He had a lot going for him in his life, and this would have caused a major impediment to a lot of his professional ambitions and been a big problem for him, so, we’re happy to do it.

I’m happy to brag about the best team that we’ve got here in Arizona, the R&R Law Group. We do an amazing job, and if you’ve been charged with any crime, particularly criminal speeding, and you want to speak to our team about it, give us a call.

We offer free case evaluations. Look forward to speaking with you.

Thanks for watching.

After watching this video, the audience can feel more confident knowing that attorneys at R&R Law Group will fight to obtain the best possible outcome in any situation that is presented to them. During this clip, the audience learned about the outcome of a Criminal Speeding Case, in this defendant the case was taken to Trial.

As said in the video, a large percentage of attorney’s prefer not to take cases like this to trial due to the high probability of reaching a non-favorable outcome. However, in this video, the outcome of the case proves a point to the public and it demonstrates that taking the case to trial with confidence and a well formulated strategy can result beneficial for the defendant.

In this case, the individual involved was facing criminal speed charges for allegedly driving at 117 miles per hour on an area where the designated speed was 65 miles per hour.

In a case like this, the officer has read the speed of the vehicle via Radar, this can be intimidating for many. In this case, however, the attorney’s at R&R Law Group believed that a successful outcome would come out if the case was taken into trial.

In fact, when this case was challenged at Trial, the Court found the Defendant Not Guilty of 28-701.02A. as well as, not responsible of 28-775A2 which alleged the defendant Fail Drive Right/Emergency Vehicle.

This outcome was in fact very favorable to the defendant, because even when the state had declared they had appropriate radar readings, all calibrations and everything they needed to prove the case.

Once in court, defense counsel was able to build an excellent defense so that this outcome would be reached. Although, outcomes like this are not always obtained with every single case. Hiring experienced attorneys, such as the ones R&R Law Group offers, guarantees hard work and dedication to every individual case so that each person is represented with the best dense possible.

No matter the jurisdiction or the stage on the case the Attorney’s at the firm will dedicate their time and professionalism to each individual so that at the end of the case every person can return to focusing on their life and what really matters in their personal and professional lives.

When a person is facing and sort of citation whether that is Civil or Criminal, it is important for him or her to hire representation so that their defense against the state can be formulated in a way that will not have a negative impact on their record.