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The map below shows illustrates the fact that Arizona is littered with traffic camera and photo enforcement devices that issue tickets to unsuspecting drivers. We fight traffic camera tickets all throughout Arizona, and have a track record of getting them dismissed or reduced to avoid points on your driver’s license and save you fines and fees. View our results and testimonials to see how we can help you too.

Photo Radar locations across Arizona

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What does Arizona law say about traffic camera tickets?

Arizona law allows cities to operate photo enforcement systems. Cities use two companies primarily, RedFlex and American Traffic Solutions. These companies sign contracts with individuals cities to run the photo radar programs. They make money, and the city makes money. In fact, the city of Scottsdale generates nearly $4 million dollars a year snapping photos of unsuspecting drivers.

The problem with photo radar is that most drivers are completely unaware that they have been cited. It is not until weeks later when they receive a citation that they become aware that they have allegedly broken the law.

Moreover, many driver’s accused by photo radar programs are driving perfectly responsibly and in no danger of themselves or society. Traffic cameras are automated to snap photos of drivers under certain conditions, regardless of the surrounding circumstances or conditions. The purpose is not to promote driver safety or safer roadways. The purpose is to generate revenue for the city and the traffic camera companies.

We fight photo radar and all traffic ticket allegations across Arizona. We can help you get your ticket dismissed or reduced to a non-moving violation to save points on your license, prevent an insurance rate increase, and protect your record. Below is a list of photo radar locations illustrated in the map above.

Photo Radar locations across Arizona (does not include movable vans or towers)

  • Shea and 120th St.
  • Pima and Hualapai
  • McDowell and Scottsdale 
  • Scottsdale and Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Scottsdale and Thomas
  • Scottsdale and Shea
  • Shea and 90th St
  • Thomas and Hayden/80th St
  • Rio Verde at 11300 Block
  • Dynamite Blvd at 10300 Block
  • Frank Lloyd Wright and Greenway Hayden Loop
  • Frank Lloyd Wright and Cactus
  • Hayden and Chaparralu
  • Tatum and Lincoln (all 4 directions)
  • Tatum and McDonald (NB & SB)
  • Tatum and Desert Jewel (NB & SB)
  • Lincoln and Mockingbird (EB & WB)
  • Lincoln and Palo Cristi (36th St) (EB & WB)
  • 12th St and Camelback
  • 16th St and Jefferson
  • 53rd Ave and Indian School
  • 24th St and Thomas
  • Central and McDowell
  • 67th Ave and McDowell
  • 35th Ave and McDowell
  • 50th St and Ray
  • 35th Ave and Cactus
  • Tatum and Thunderbird
  • 7th St and Bell
  • 35th Ave and Glendale
  • Alma School/Guadalupe
  • Country Club/Southern
  • Gilbert/Baseline
  • Stapley/Southern
  • Mesa Dr/Broadway
  • Power/Broadway
  • Power/McKellips
  • Broadway/Stapley
  • Country Club/University
  • Gilbert/McKellips
  • Higley/Southern
  • Stapley/Main
  • Power/Hampton
  • Power/Southern
  • Broadway/Extension
  • Southern/Dobson
  • Greenfield/Main
  • Lindsay/University
  • University/Mesa Dr
  • Power/Main
  • Franklin @ Brimhall
  • Fremont Jr High School
  • Mesa High School
  • Porter Elementary School
  • Rhodes Jr High School
  • Skyline High School
  • El Mirage Rd and Northern Ave
  • El Mirage Rd and Olive Ave
  • Grand Ave ( US 60) and Primrose St (INACTIVE)
  • Thunderbird Rd and 129th Ave
  • 56th St and Chandler
  • Rural and Ray
  • Dobson and Warner
  • Alma School and Warner
  • Alma School and Ray
  • Alma School and Queen Creek
  • Arizona and Elliot
  • Arizona and Warner
  • Arizona and Ray
  • Arizona and Ocotillo
  • McQueen and Chandler
  • Gilbert and Riggs

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Robert has represented my interests several times in legal matters. He has consistently offered well founded, objective, knowledgeable advice to enable me to make informed decisions. He is hardworking, aggressive in support of his clients, and scrupulously honest. I strongly recommend him.
Greg E.
Called Mr. Robert Francis Gruler for traffic ticket dispute and paid my fee. My court date passes and I call the office and was informed by him that my traffic ticket was completely dismissed due to his work. Easy as 1, 2, 3…. I strongly recommend him as he is very professional and very skilled at what he does.
Dr. P.
I got my first ticket in years, I spent the morning calling around to other law firms and I came across R&R and let me tell you I’m happy I did, not only was he affordable but he got my ticket dropped from Criminal to Civil. I’m so happy that I found Rob, he was fantastic. He kept me informed every step of the way and even helped me work out a payment plan. It was overall the easiest thing I ever did in my life! Thank you guys!
I’ve been going to Rob for all my legal needs and he’s gotten results on all my cases. Better results than expect if not what is expected. I highly recommend Rob you can’t go wrong with him.
Don’t cheap out and nickle and dime yourself with stress and obligation of having to show up at court. Rob, not only took care of getting my license back but also did an amazing job getting the entire case thrown out. Think about the system. Cities make money off of slapping fines and penalties on tickets. They would rather take on the next unprotected person than face off with someone who is strongly represented. Get Rob!