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Winning Defense Team

Being charged with a crime is one of the most difficult situations you or your loved ones will ever face. We are here to help. 

At R&R Law Group, Ryan W. Cummings and Robert F. Gruler created a team of experienced criminal defense attorneys who will provide you and those you care about with aggressive representation in DUI, felony, and misdemeanor cases. 

The R&R Law Group brings a fresh and tenacious approach to criminal defense to ensure your rights are protected and to reach the best possible outcome in your case while providing you with safety, clarity, and hope in your life.

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Our Experience

Bold Defense, Modern Approach 

A common misconception in the legal community is that the old ways are the best ways. Not at R&R Law Group. Today, solving complex legal problems requires adopting solutions that break the mold and challenge the traditional methods of thought.

We recognize that a person charged with a crime is much more than a name and a case number. Unfortunately, most in the legal community do not. In a system designed to process people and their cases at maximum speed, many people’s cases, and their lives, are lost in the shuffle.

At R&R Law Group, we understand that despite your alleged mistake, you and your life are much more than one bad decision or judicial misstep. Our firm prides itself on deconstructing the rapid speed of the criminal justice system to ensure that you and your case are viewed with fairness and humanity.

Our Values

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With over 30 combined years of experience our legal team is here to provide advocacy, problem- solving, and guidance to our clients from the beginning of their case to the end. We provide representation in all areas of criminal defense, including: 

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Overcome your DUI with a Team that knows the science.
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Defeat your felony charges. Preserve your record and protect your rights.
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Traffic Ticket Defense

Conquer your traffic ticket. You are not a criminal for a traffic infraction!
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Beat Photo Enforcement to avoid points & insurance hikes
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Strength in Numbers

Every year, we help thousands of people charged with crimes navigate the criminal justice system and resolve their criminal cases.

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Providing Arizona with a Higher Level of Representation

R&R Law Group is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, but has fought for dismissals and reductions in courts across the state. Our team of experienced and trusted attorneys is here to help you.

  • – Maricopa County
  • – Coconino County
  • – Navajo County
  • – Apache County
  • – Mohave County
  • – Yavapai County
  • – Gila County
  • – La Paz County
  • – Yuma County
  • – Pinal County
  • – Pima County
  • – Santa Cruz County
  • – Greenlee County
  • – Graham County
  • – Cochise County

Client Testimonials

Let Our Success Speak for Itself 

Professional and Informative
November 18, 2016

“Great Experience with R& R. Best was their promptness, sense of urgency and a succinct way of providing updates on a case. They have exceeded my expectation and will use them again if needed. I was working with Serena Marcoff and she made me feel R & R was on it, by being professional and informative, and having a sense of urgency.”

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