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Dreamy Draw Justice Court Judges & Hearing Officers

The Dreamy Draw Justice Court criminal jurisdiction falls under any case considered a misdemeanor by state law, prosecuting individuals for Driving Under the Influence, Criminal Speeding, Traffic Ticket Violations and other misdemeanor crimes. One of the most common cases involves tickets from speeding on the I-17 for people heading to and from northern Arizona.

The Court has one main criminal Judge:

  • Judge Frank Conti Jr.

Our office is located about 25 minutes away from the Dreamy Draw Justice Court and our attorneys have years of experience in every corner of the this system. If you have been charged with a crime or traffic in ticket please contact our office to schedule a free case evaluation at (602) 883-2523 or schedule an appointment online.

Dreamy Draw Justice Court Criminal Case Process

The Dreamy Draw Justice Court runs criminal cases in five main stages:

  • Arraignment: This is the first court date in any criminal case. At this setting, the Court wants to know whether you want to plea guilty or not guilty, set your case to a trial, retain an attorney, and whether you understand your rights. The Court will also advise you of the maximum penalties you could face under the law as it related to the crime with which you were charged. Generally, our office is retained well before this court date, and we file paperwork to vacate this court date on your behalf.
  • Pre-Trial Conference: This is the next setting that follows after the arraignment. This is a pre-trial conference (“PTC”) where the state generally makes their first plea offer. An unrepresented individual may meet with the prosecutor who will advise that they are representing the state. If you retain our law firm, you are not required to attend this hearing as we appear on your behalf. In the time between the arraignment and the pre-trial conference, our office requests all preliminary discovery including police reports, body cam footage, etc.
  • Case Management Conference: This is the setting that follows the pre-trial conference. At this setting, the Court wants to know the status of the case, including whether case interviews have been completed or whether blood results have been disclosed if applicable. The Court also inquires as to the status of discovery and whether there are any outstanding issues at the time. Again, if you retain our law firm you are not required to be present for this setting.
  • Trial Readiness Conference: This is the final setting before trial. At this stage, it must be determined whether the case will resolved via a change of plea or whether the case will proceed to trial. The vast majority of cases never proceed to trial and are resolved at this setting. Depending upon the nature of your charges, you may be required to be present unless you receive notification otherwise from our firm.
  • Trial: This is the final main phase of the Dreamy Draw case process. At this stage, we will be entitled to cross examine the state’s witness and our team will present our case on your behalf. Depending upon the nature of the charges alleged against you, you may or not be entitled to a jury in your matter. You must be present at this hearing.

The entirety of the process generally takes about 3-4 months, depending upon the complexity of your case and the nature of the charges alleged against you.

Dreamy Draw Justice Court Criminal & Traffic Lawyers

Our office has represented hundreds of individuals in the Dreamy Draw Justice Court, and we know the process and system well. Please contact our law firm if you have questions about a criminal or civil case in Dreamy Draw at (602) 883-2523.

Dreamy Draw Justice Court Location and Contact Information

18380 N 40th St.

Phoenix, AZ 85032

Phone: (602) 372-7000

Fax: (602) 372-7911

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The Dreamy Draw Justice Court is located inside of the Maricopa County Northeast Regional Court Center.

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