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Misdemeanor offenses in Arizona carry severe consequences for your life and your future. Many misdemeanor convictions carry mandatory jail time, a term of probation, adverse consequences and a permanent criminal conviction on your record.

When choosing an attorney, it is important to select a team prepared to fight on your behalf every step of the way. The R&R Law Group is a team of legal professionals with experience in defending these criminal allegations all across the state of Arizona:


Our Focus is You

Your rights are our defense. Every person charged with a crime has specific constitutional rights that must be followed, no matter the case. Whether you “feel” guilty or whether you believe there is no defense is often irrelevant. The fact is, you deserve a proper defense, and a proper defense is your right. At the R&R Law Group, our legal team focuses on identifying the legal areas where the state has failed to meet their burden of proof. We investigate every aspect of your case and leave no stone left unturned. Our modern and aggressive defense strategies have led our firm and more importantly, our clients, to countless victories and case dismissals.

We believe that you deserve to be treated as a person, and not a criminal. You are not a statistic that deserves to be rushed through the system. We focus on slowing down the process, preparing an aggressive defense on your behalf, and presenting all of positive, human aspects of your life both the state and the Court. With this approach, we ensure that you are treated as a unique individual, and not simply another person lost to the system.

We believe you deserve a defense. You should too, because an investment in your future and your livelihood is worth your time. Call today for a free case evaluation and discuss your matter with an attorney immediately.

Ask Our Clients

State v. Dr. P

Called R&R Law for traffic ticket dispute and paid my fee. My court date passes and I call the office and was informed by him that my traffic ticket was completely dismissed due to their work. Easy as 1, 2, 3. I strongly recommend they as they are very professional and very skilled at what they do.

State v. Greg

R&R has represented my interests several times in legal matters. They have consistently offered well founded, objective, knowledgeable advice to enable me to make informed decisions. He is hardworking, aggressive in support of his clients, and scrupulously honest. I strongly recommend him.

State v. Danny

I received a criminal speeding ticket, that I knew I was going to need a lawyer in order get it dismissed. I contacted several other attorneys, but felt comfortable after speaking with Mr. Gruler. He handled my case very professionally and it was very simple for me. If you are reading this review, and are looking for an attorney to represent you, I would highly recommend Mr. Gruler. Very happy with the service I received.

State v. Kyri

“A God Amongst Lawyers” I give him the title listed above because I really had no case and he was able to keep my record clean. He was straight forward with me and worked with my budget. Over all I appreciate his level of respect for me a person and appreciate his work. I hope I never have to get a lawyer again but if I do Roberts email, office & cell number are save in my phone. Thank you R&R Law Group for all that you do.

State v. C.D.

R&R Law Group handled the defense and dismissal of my entire case. I never even stood trial. Thank you again, R&R!

Our Results

State v. M.L.

Ironwood Justice Court, August 2015. Client was charged with criminal speeding travelling from Arizona to California. She was a first time offender and was threatened with jail and vehicle impounded for exceeding approximately 100 miles per hour in a 75 mile per hour zone. Due to problems with the State’s dates and filing of the complaint, along with the setting of her arraignment date, we filed a motion to dismiss which was granted by the Court. This was case dismissed completely.

State v. C.T.

Scottsdale City Court, September 2015. Client was charged with exhibition of speed, reckless driving, criminal speeding and other violations that amounted to two pages of officer citations. After an extensive review of discovery, negotiations with the state, and problems with the officer being a trainee, our office was able to reduce the charges down to a single reckless driving charge, a class two misdemeanor, dismissing the class one misdemeanor for exhibition of speed and saving our client over 20 points on her license.

State v. O. M.

Scottsdale City Court, June 2015. Client was charged with exhibition of speed and reckless driving after he and a friend accelerated their speeds after finishing a light night shift. Based on a review of discovery, the filing of a motion to compel the disclosure of evidence, and negotiations between our firm and the state, we were able to have all criminal charges dismissed, and our client plead responsible to a simple speeding violation.

State v. W.R.

Mesa City Court, June 2015. Client was charged with domestic violence, assault, and criminal damage, after having engaged in an altercation with his fiance after finding inappropriate text messages on her phone. The victim did not wish to prosecute, but the state intended on moving forward with all charges. Our office was able to assist our client in gaining enough mitigating documentation to convince the state to resolve this matter with what is known as a misdemeanor compromise. This means our client paid back money for the damage he caused to the cell phone, and the dismissed the charge with prejudice, meaning they cannot be refiled against our client.