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Our Focus is You

Your rights are our defense. Every person charged with a crime has specific constitutional rights that must be followed, no matter the case. Whether you “feel” guilty or whether you believe there is no defense is often irrelevant. The fact is, you deserve a proper defense, and a proper defense is your right. At the R&R Law Group, our legal team focuses on identifying the legal areas where the state has failed to meet their burden of proof. We investigate every aspect of your case and leave no stone left unturned. Our modern and aggressive defense strategies have led our firm and more importantly, our clients, to countless victories and case dismissals.

We believe that you deserve to be treated as a person, and not a criminal. You are not a statistic that deserves to be rushed through the system. We focus on slowing down the process, preparing an aggressive defense on your behalf, and presenting all of positive, human aspects of your life both the state and the Court. With this approach, we ensure that you are treated as a unique individual, and not simply another person lost to the system.

We believe you deserve a defense. You should too, because an investment in your future and your livelihood is worth your time. Call today for a free case evaluation and discuss your matter with an attorney immediately.

Arizona Defense Lawyers

Felony offenses in Arizona carry severe consequences for your life and your future. Many felony convictions carry mandatory jail or time in prison, a term of probation, adverse consequences, prohibition of voting rights, termination of firearm ownership rights, and a permanent criminal conviction on your record.

When choosing an attorney, it is important to select a team prepared to fight on your behalf every step of the way. The R&R Law Group is a team of legal professionals with experience in defending these criminal allegations all across the state of Arizona:

  • Drug Possession
  • Possession of Dangerous Drugs
  • Possession of Narcotic Drugs
  • Transportation of Sale of Drugs
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Aggravated DUI
  • Unlawful Flight
  • Manslaughter
  • Robbery/Theft
  • Vehicular Crimes
  • Sexual Crimes
  • Fraud / Theft & White Collar Crimes
  • Violent Crimes

Our Results

State v. A.C.

NOT GUILTY AT TRIAL: 1 COUNT POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA, 1 COUNT POSSESSION DRUG PARAPHERNALIA. Maricopa County. The residence of A.C. was raided by federal agents for an unrelated issue. Once inside, Officer’s found Marijuana and Paraphernalia. A.C. was a Medical Marijuana Cardholder. Under Medical Marijuana Act, a cardholder can only have up to 2.5 ounces in their possession. The State claimed that A.C. had 3.7 ounces. At trial we were able to successfully argue that the State did not meet their burden of proving the weight of useable Marijuana was above 2.5 ounces as defined in the Statute. The State’s criminalist had failed to removed seeds, stems, and debris prior to weighing the Marijuana. A.C. was ecstatic when we received the verdict.

State v. M.M.

FULL ACQUITTAL AT TRIAL: 3 COUNTS AGGRAVATED ASSAULT – DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. Maricopa County. State v. M.M. MM was accused of 3 counts of Aggravated Assault resulting from injuries sustained to his girlfriend in their residence. Police were called to the scene by girlfriend’s father who told police MM was the reason she had suffered facial injuries. Inside the residence the police found blood in the bathroom and MM asleep. Police arrested MM and conducted no further investigation. At trial, it was learned that girlfriend had consumed so much alcohol that she blacked out. The blood was found in the bathroom and a plausible explanation was that she fell and hit the tub as the injuries were consistent. At the end of the day, the jury believed there was no investigation done to show that MM was the cause of the injuries.

State v. Sampson

DISMISSAL: KIDNAP, ARMED ROBBERY, AGGRAVATED ASSAULT. Maricopa County. State v Sampson CR2011-165666. Sampson was facing serious charges and mandatory prison time. The State’s case made it seem as though all of the charges were in relation to a bad drug transaction. However, after speaking with witnesses and our client it was determined that the initial report was flawed. Through weeks of investigation it was determined that the source of the information was extremely unreliable. Case was dismissed day of trial.

State v. Sanchez CR2013-449959

DISMISSAL: MISCONDUCT INVOLVING WEAPONS. Maricopa County, State v. Sanchez CR2013-449959. Sanchez was charged with Misconduct Involving Weapons after he had called police to the scene of a disorderly conduct issue. When police arrived the noted that Sanchez was carrying a firearm. Upon pulling his record they determined he in fact had a felony conviction. The prior conviction was a Class 6 undesignated offense. Mr. Sanchez had successfully completed probation and believed that this was designated as a misdemeanor. State’s initial offer was prison. After some hard work and due diligence, it was determined when Mr. Sanchez was released from probation, it was merely an oversight that the offense was not designated a misdemeanor. We were able to successfully file motions to designate that offense a misdemeanor and eventually get the case dismissed.

State v. SL.

DISMISSAL: SEXUAL INDECENCY. Maricopa County, State v. SL. The allegations were SL was visiting her husband in a prison complex and exposed his genitals at visitation while children were outside. This case was dragged out for almost 2 years as we were fighting. The State eventually offered a misdemeanor plea to disorder conduct with no sex terms. We rejected the plea. Through numerous trips to the prison for interviews of inmates that were outside during the alleged incident we believed we could show SL did not do anything. Further, there was only one witness to the allegation and she was biased. State dismissed 10 days prior to trial.

Ask Our Clients

State v. Lauren

I met R&R while going through the most scary situation of my life. After talking to him a felt 100% better and had some confidence back. Though out my entire time working with him he jel constant contact with me and actually cared about how I was feeling. There were no scare tactics and he worked with me. Thanks to R&R I got the best possible outcome. Truly grateful!!

State v. Nathan

R&R helped me in the toughest of times. I truly recommend him to anybody needing to resolve a problem.

State v. Chris

Ryan was very professional, courteous, timely, and confident while representing me for a felony criminal damage charge. I had contemplated utilizing a public defender but looking back I would definitely recommend hiring a private attorney if you can afford it. Besides the peace of mind you get when hiring a private firm, your case will be heard first before other cases with public defenders, making court dates quick and painless. The charges were ultimately dropped to a misdemeanor. I would gladly utilize Ryan’s services again and the firm of R&R.

State v. C.A.

When Ryan became my lawyer, he was quick with taking action. Not only did he always come meet me in person when needed but he would keep me informed about what he is going to do, the plus and negative of what may happen, what to possibly expect, as well as his opinions on options when given.

Ryan is very knowledgeable and has helped me to the end and further. Not only did he get my case resolved by also got my felony case turned into a misdemeanor. Also, even during probation, Ryan is still there to support me and even with other issues that do not relate to my case, Ryan has also been knowledgeable and supportive with those as well.

I think he is the best at what he does and with my experience working with him, he is the most polite and dedicated lawyer. If any of my friends or family have issues, he will certainly be the one I will call or recommend, by far!

State v. Blanca

He stayed focused on every court date. He always kept us informed and made sure he explained in a way we all understood. Very humble and full of knowledge. We have never been in a situation where we needed a lawyer so we where not sure where to start looking luckily we found Ryan and god forbid were in this situation again we will hire him again in a heartbeat!