About Ironwood Justice Court

Ironwood Justice Court is located in Gila Bend, Arizona. It is a rural jurisdiction of the Maricopa County Justice Courts. However, it encompasses a large territory that is predominantly highway. The vast majority of people who find themselves cited into the Ironwood Justice Court will be dealing with criminal traffic misdemeanors and civil traffic offenses.  Justice Courts are Courts of limited jurisdictions that handle misdemeanor criminal offenses, civil traffic violations, and some civil cases.

The presiding Judge of the Ironwood Justice Court is Joseph B. Getzwiller. Judge Getzwiller is an elected official who has presided over the Justice Court in Gila Bend for a substantial period of time. The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office has jurisdiction over the Ironwood Justice Court to prosecute criminal offenses. Typically new county attorneys who are still on probation are assigned to this jurisdiction. Frequently the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office will rotate new prosecutors in and out of various justice courts in Maricopa County.

Due to the policies of the Court and the policies of the Maricopa County it can be difficult to reach a favorable resolution in any case. Having an experienced attorney who is familiar with the Court, its policies, the law of Arizona, and the rules of criminal proceeding can be helpful and often times will provide the best opportunity to reach a favorable resolution.

Common Offenses in Ironwood

Some of the most common offenses that you will find in the Ironwood Justice Court are:

  1. Criminal or Excessive Speed – Class 3 misdemeanor that occurs when a vehicle exceeds 85 miles per hour on the highway or exceeds 20 miles per hour of the speed limit in a business or residential area.
  2. Reckless Driving – Class 2 misdemeanor that requires the State to prove a driver operated a vehicle of reckless disregard to the safety of another person or property of another.
  3. Aggressive Driving – Class 1 misdemeanor that requires the State to prove that a person was speeding and two of the following, following too closely or unsafe lane change, failing to obey a road sign or traffic light, failing to yield the right of way, overtaking and passing a vehicle on the right. This driving behavior must have posed an immediate hazard to another person or vehicle.
  4. Civil Traffic Violations
  5. Commercial Driving Violations

Criminal or Excessive Speeding

Reckless Driving

Commercial Trucking or CDL Violations

Ironwood Justice Court Jurisdiction

The Ironwood Justice Court covers a portion of the Maricopa County between Buckeye, Arizona and Yuma County as well as La Paz County to the West. The jurisdiction is rural in nature and encompasses a large portion of Interstate 8, State Route 85, and other minor country roads. Generally citations will only be issued by the Arizona Department of Public Safety and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

About the Judge, Joseph B. Getzwiller

Ironwood Justice Court Judge, Joe Getzwiller

Judge Joseph B. Getzwiller was first appointed by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors on July 25, 2001. He has since won successive elections to the position of Justice of the Peace. He is a former cattle rancher and a native Arizonan. In the State of Arizona, Justices of the Peace are not required to go to law school but do obtain substantial training at the Arizona Judicial College upon appointment to the bench or election. As Judge Getzwiller has been serving as a Justice of the Peace for the past 16 years, he has significant experience with the judicial operations of the Court.

Judge Getzwiller possesses an even temperament  with litigants and exercises his judicial authority with appropriate discretion and compassion. However, not all cases will reach a favorable result and having a licensed attorney on your side can help in reaching a favorable resolution.

Officers Patrolling the Ironwood Jurisdiction

Officer S. Horning, Badge Number S1970

Trooper C. Anthem, Badge 10174

Speed measurement can be obtained in four ways:

  1. Radar – An officer must first be trained to estimate speed within 5 miles per hour. A radar device that utilizes info-red.

Officer Redig also uses a laser speed measurement device, having the proper certifications to do so. Again, in this citation he cited this individual for both reckless driving and criminal speeding.

Officer B. Krum, Badge Number 010134

Officer Krum is another Department of Public Safety Officer who writes tickets and does traffic patrol out of the Seligman Justice Court area. His style of writing tickets is less thorough than Officer Redig’s, who tends to be very precise. In the following citation, he only wrote this individual for criminal speeding and not reckless driving.

Ironwood Justice Court Map & Parking

Hiring an Ironwood Defense Lawyer

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