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About Page Justice Court

Page Justice Court, R&R Law GroupPage, AZ is a small town located in Northeastern Arizona near Lake Powell. It was founded in 1957 after an exchange of land was obtained from the Navajo Nation, and it initially became a housing community for workers and their families while the Glen Canyon Dam was being built on the Colorado River. After the completion of the dam, the town’s population steadily grew and it became the gateway to Lake Powell as well as the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

Page attracts many tourists year-round because of its proximity to national parks and historic monuments, and it offers the opportunity to discover the culture of the Navajo Nation.

Common Offenses in Page

Criminal or Excessive Speeding

Page Justice Court, R&R Law Group

Citations for criminal speeding or excessive speeding are the most common violations we see out of the Page Justice Court. Many violations occur on the US Route 89, as people are traveling to visit Antelope Canyon. The U.S. Route 98 is also regularly patrolled by law enforcement, as it intersects with U.S. 89 and is south of the iconic Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River. These stretches of roadway are usually light in terms of traffic and are straight and wide-open. In Arizona, any speed over 85 miles per hour can be charged as an excessive speeding violation, and it is very easy to travel at these speeds on these roads.

Reckless Driving

Page Justice Court, R&R Law Group

Reckless driving is another very common violation charged out of the Page Justice Court. Whether this charge is cited on a person’s ticket depends a lot upon the officer who issues the citation. Some officers will only charge this violation in extreme circumstances and other officers will cite it as a matter of common practice. Generally, whether an officer in this jurisdiction issues a reckless driving charge will depend upon the speed, the mile post, whether there were other people in the vehicle, and any other violations observed during the driving.

Page Justice Court Jurisdiction

The Page Justice Court Precinct of Coconino County includes all of Page and covers a significant portion of the U.S. Route 89 in Northeastern Arizona. People travel on Route 89 to reach Flagstaff, to travel to Las Vegas, and most commonly, to visit the Grand Canyon.

This portion of Arizona is patrolled by the Department of Public Safety (DPS) and there is a strong emphasis on enforcement of traffic violations in this area. On the map below, the major danger zones for enhanced traffic enforcement is detailed in red. If you received a ticket outside of this geographic region but were still cited into the Seligman Justice Court, there may be a problem with your jurisdiction. Although this is relatively uncommon, it can happen, and it means that your ticket was filed in the wrong jurisdiction.

About the Judge, Donald G. Roberts

Page Justice Court, R&R Law GroupJudge Dominick Sarno was elected Justice of the Peace of the Seligman Justice Court in 2014 and has been on the bench ever since. In our subjective opinion, Judge Sarno is a very reasonable Judge and uses his discretion in situations that warrant action from the bench.

Seligman Justice Court sees a very high number of traffic violations, and Judge Sarno takes these violations seriously. This jurisdiction at times sees devastating accidents, resulting in injuries and deaths. It seems to us that Judge Sarno is using his position as a Judge to encourage and promote safe driving while not being overly punitive in his rulings.

Officers Patrolling Page

Officer D. Redig, Badge Number 06331

Officer Doug Redig is an Arizona Department of Public Safety officer who writes a very large number of traffic tickets out of this jurisdiction. If speeds approach 100 miles per hour or higher, he will generally cite an individual with both criminal / excessive speeding and reckless driving. This results in clients being charged with both a class 2 misdemeanor and a class 3 misdemeanor facing a total of 11 points. According to many of our clients, interactions with Officer Redig can be very stern and tense and cause a lot of anxiety.

In this citation, Officer Redig used a radar device to estimate this individual’s speed, and issued a citation for both charges, reckless driving and criminal speeding.

Page Justice Court, R&R Law Group

Page Justice Court, R&R Law GroupOfficer Redig also uses a laser speed measurement device, having the proper certifications to do so. Again, in this citation he cited this individual for both reckless driving and criminal speeding.

Page Justice Court, R&R Law Group

Page Justice Court, R&R Law Group

Officer B. Krum, Badge Number 010134

Officer Krum is another Department of Public Safety Officer who writes tickets and does traffic patrol out of the Seligman Justice Court area. His style of writing tickets is less thorough than Officer Redig’s, who tends to be very precise. In the following citation, he only wrote this individual for criminal speeding and not reckless driving.

Page Justice Court, R&R Law Group

Page Justice Court, R&R Law Group

Page Justice Court Map & Parking

Hopefully you do not have to travel to Page for court. Hiring an attorney to represent you is generally the most cost effective way to avoid physically having to travel to this jurisdiction. The Court is located in the heart of Page, which is several hours away from any major cities.

Hiring a Page Defense Lawyer

Our office represents a very large number of people charged with offenses in Page. On a great majority of our cases, we are able to prevent our clients from having any criminal record and resolve their case without them ever having to return to Arizona. We provide representation on a flat fee basis, offer affordable payment plans and deliver a proper defense with a team dedicated to solving traffic related cases.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation case evaluation. Send us your citation and your information below and we will review your matter as soon as possible.