Extreme DUI

Extreme DUI in Arizona

DUI, or driving under the influence is a serious crime, especially in the State of Arizona. There are many penalties and consequences that can result from this type charge. Having the right representation on hand to help your defense is key.

What is extreme DUI in Arizona?

In Arizona, An Extreme DUI is when it is proven an individual has a blood alcohol level above .150, which seriously impairs their judgment and ability to function properly.

What are the penalties associated with an Extreme DUI in Arizona?

There are a number of penalties that can result from getting a charge of Extreme DUI. This could involve suspension of your driver’s license; excessive fees and fines; jail time, mandatory substance abuse prevention programs, and installation of an ignition interlock device.

These are just a few of the penalties you may face. If you have a prior history of DUI, the consequences could be more severe. For each case of Extreme DUI, the amount of required jail time increases, and so do the fines.

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Free Consultation with Extreme DUI lawyers

The team at The R&R Law Group is ready and able to assist with your case. We carefully weigh all your options, strategically putting together a defense that can help alleviate the situation or if possible, reduce or dismiss your charges. Getting convicted under this charge can turn into a life-changing event that can negatively impact your future.

If you find yourself in a position where you need representation, do not hesitate to contact our office at once! The laws and penalties for DUI are very harsh in Arizona, and going before a judge by yourself can leave you blindsided and at the mercy of the justice system. Don’t put yourself in harm’s way! We can help!

For more information on extreme DUI and how we can work together to assist your case, contact the team at The R&R Law Group today!