How Important Is It For Someone To Know All Their Possible Options In A DUI Case?

How Important Is It For Someone To Know All Their Possible Options In A DUI Case?

It is imperative that a client knows exactly what the consequences are in any DUI case. The reason for that is they need to be able to make an informed decision. We have mentioned it a couple of times that it is the client’s constitutional right to go to trial, or not, but in order to make that decision, they need to be informed as to all the consequences, all the collateral consequences, and what could happen with this trial. Oftentimes, we do not see that. We see someone think it is just a DUI. I am going to have to take it, and then we have clients who call us that had DUIs previously. They did most of the requirements but missed something, and now they have a warrant. They have not been able to get their license back, and now they are calling us to help fix problems that should have been fixed earlier when the case was pending.

How Does Going To Trial Impact The Cost Of A DUI Case?

A trial fee is a smaller portion of the full fee agreement. This depends a little bit into how technical the case gets, whether the use of experts is going to be necessary, and how well those experts are going to testify. If you are going to use all of those tools, then it means that you have a chance at beating that DUI. At that point in time, the question becomes how can you afford not to go to trial? If you have such a good chance of being successful at trial, the trial fee is often worth it. Having a DUI can have serious repercussions. When you think about the impact of having the interlock machine, the insurance rates and any other potential penalties that you have the question then becomes, how can you afford not to go to trial?

What Are The Important Things That Clients Should Know Prior TO Going To Trial In A DUI Case?

Many times, you do not really know what to expect. We try to layout the process as best as possible, but sometimes an officer can say something that makes your strategy take a turn. You try and combat that with officer interviews ahead of time, but ultimately they have to know what they are getting into so they can make the decision to go to trial or not.

How Does Your Personality, Experience And Approach Help Clients In DUI Trials?

Personality, experience and approach is always there. Every attorney is a bit different in how they approach trials, but at the R&R Law Group, we do an extensive investigation into every DUI. We try to find all of the scientific deficiencies we can to put our clients first. We are going to make sure that they understand all of the consequences and to help them make the best decision possible. When we get to a trial, being prepared, and knowing all the issues, going over officer interviews, and knowing how certain officers are going to testify, that really helps you in these DUI trials. It gives you the extra advantage over somebody who has not prepared.

Additional Information About DUI Trials In Arizona

People should try to fix the attitude of, if it is my first DUI, I should just go in and plead guilty, because there is nothing that can be done. We have many clients that feel that way, and I can tell you throughout the defense community, there are many attorneys that are fighting these cases. We are one of those that fight these cases, and work for those DUI wins, and every one of our clients. If they just had said I need to go in, and take a plea, they would have been in a different state than they are in now.

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