Defensive Driving School

Defensive Driving School

Many people are not aware of Defensive Driving School and what this course can really do or how it may impact a civil traffic citation.

When someone has been cited with a traffic violation, many people may worry and think that there is nothing else that can be done and that all you will be left with is paying a fine and getting points on your driver’s license.

The unknown may cause stress and anxiety to many who have never been cited with a traffic violation or who have a clean driving history.

If you have not taken defensive driving school within the last year then this may be a great solution for you, as it will get your ticket dismissed with the Court.

To familiarize yourself more with it, here are some of the common questions and information about this school.

What is Defensive Driving School?

Defensive Driving School is a course that someone can take in order to have a dismissal with the Court when they have been cited for a civil violation.

This course may be taken online or in person which ever is more convenient.

If you choose to take this course online, the course will be around 4 hours. You may take breaks and continue your work or finish all in one sitting – your choice.

If your choice is to complete the course in person you will be able to choose the location that is closest to your home and attend the class, this will also take around 4 or more hours.

Investing in completing this class is very beneficial, since you are able to avoid spending extra money since you were not planning for it in the beginning. The end result will be to not have anything on your record.

You may check if you are eligible to take the course. Go this website here, enter your personal information and if it take you to the next page then that means you are eligible, if you are not eligible to take this class it will let you know “Ineligible”.

To go to Defensive Driving School and look for a class you may log into –

You will need your citation with you at this point since it will ask you for your, complaint number, court, next court hearing scheduled, and driver’s license information.

How Much does Defensive Driving School Cost?

On average, both online course and in person cost roughly $230.00 dollars. This is a onetime payment and must be paid in full once you register.

Within the fee of the driving school is the fee with the Court as well, so this means that you will not have to pay an additional cost with the Court.

You do have some time to be able to come up with the money.

The course will have to be completed seven days prior to the court hearing extension but that is usually given 30-45 days out.

What Happens after I complete Defensive Driving School?

After completing the course if you want to make sure the court has received it you can email, if they take email, fax, or mail directly to the court so they can have a copy.

After completing this course, it will take approximately 5-10 business days to have the school sent the certificate over to the Court and they do have to wait to be received payment from the school.

The court will then update everything in their system and the case will be dismissed.

Most of the times the Court does not follow up with you to confirm the case has been closed out and it can be very overwhelming.

To ensure they have received the completion you may do so by calling the Court to confirm, you may also request a confirmation that your case is closed out with the court to be emailed to you or mailed to your mailing address.

If you are not eligible for Defensive Driving School, you may want to consider speaking with an attorney to discuss the implications on your driver’s license. The attorney may advise that in order to avoid a suspension you will have to conduct a civil traffic hearing.