Received a Summons … What happens next?

I’ve received a summons in the mail, what happens next?

I’ve received a summons, what does this mean?

Received a Summons … What happens next?, R&R Law Group

When you receive a summons in the mail it means that you have been summoned to appear at the Maricopa County Superior Court at the given time and date.

The reason for receiving a summons is because you have a pending case which needs to be addressed.

Usually when you have a summons you are scheduled for an initial appearance.

Do not confuse a summons with a warrant.

A warrant means that you missed a court hearing and there is a Court order for your arrest to go to Court.

A summons is simply notifying you that you have formal charged pending against you and that you have to attend the Court hearing.

How should I dress when I go to court?

Formal attire is highly suggested when going to your Court hearing. Collar shirt, slacks, belt, and polished shoes.

What does an initial appearance mean on my summons?

An initial appearance is the first time that you see a Judge.

If you have been held in custody an initial appearance must be held within 24 hours.

You are advised that you have a right to an attorney, if you are not able to afford an attorney a public defender will be appointed, you also have the right to hire a private attorney to assist you with your matter.

At this hearing you will be seen before a Judge and he will let you know why you have been summons to be at court and what the presumptive charges are.

Release conditions will be established at this hearing, which you will have to follow and abide by.

The court will issue a new court date in approximately 30 days.