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Arizona Warrant

What happens if I have a warrant?

It is very common to forget to appear at your scheduled hearing since it is not something you have planned for. Do not be alarmed, this is something that can be taken care of quickly. A warrant can be very scary when you are looking up your case online, and it shows something like the picture below:

Warrant Questions, R&R Law Group

As you can see in this picture it shows that someone missed a Court hearing as of April 20, 2018 and the FTA means, Failure to Appear, hence the Court issued a warrant for his arrest.

The majority of the Courts have their own websites and you are able to search for your case and get an update online. You do not have to call the Court in order to verify if you have a warrant or not, you can simply go online to check.

A warrant is an order of arrest that the Court files because you have missed a Court hearing. The reason why this is done is to have you be present and take care of your pending matter and have the case be closed out.

When you have been given a citation the next scheduled hearing is scheduled at the bottom of the citation where is shows the time, date, and location of where you need to appear:

Warrant Questions, R&R Law Group

If you have hired an attorney to take care of your matter you do not have to worry about being present at the Court hearing as the attorney will take care of the hearings on your behalf.
Once a warrant has been issued, the Court will send you a notice to the most current address you have with MVD, that is why it’s very important to keep your mailing address up to date. In some cases, MVD will suspended your driver’s license until the warrant has been resolved.

What if I have a warrant and do not have an attorney?

If you have a warrant and do not have an attorney you may go to the Court on your own and file a motion to quash the warrant and have a new time and date set for a new hearing.

When you do go to the Court expect to pay a warrant fee with the Court.

Once your fee has been paid with the Court and your suspension on your driver’s license has been lifted, you may want to verify with MVD to see if there is an additional reinstatement fee.

Can I get arrested?

If you live in a different State and your license is suspended from Arizona then it may be because there is a pending case. If you have a warrant out for your arrest and it’s for a felony case, then you may be arrested in the other State.

Can a third party (non-lawyer) take care of the warrant?

Most likely, no. A third party is not able to take care of the warrant for you. The person who has the warrant issued is the one who needs to make sure the warrant is resolved.

Does a warrant go away after time?

No, the warrant will stay active it could be 10, 20, 30, 50 years and if it still has been taken care of it will still reflect as active.