Information Needs

Why does a lawyer need my information to review my case?

Why does a lawyer need my information to review my case?

  • Can they even help me?
  • How much will it cost?
  • If I can’t afford an attorney what will I do?
  • How do I know I can trust them?

With those questions in mind, how is it that you can give a total stranger information about yourself?

Well we are here to tell you that we want to help and the way we can do that is by having the information necessary to provide you with accurate legal advice. We are trained professionals that know and understand how important the safety of your information is.

Normally, our Intake Assistant would start by asking for your name. This is important, along with your date of birth, to look up information about your case. We use websites like Public Access, Maricopa County Justice Courts, and Docket to locate your case. This provides us with accurate information about your case. Your name also helps address you in a proper way.

Why do you need my email and phone number?

A good working phone number and email address are crucial when it comes to getting in contact with us.

We use phone numbers to call you when you have a case evaluation scheduled, follow up with you, and provide you with additional information that we discover.

Email addresses are basically another method to get in contact with you.

Confirmation of appointments, fee agreements, and follow ups are sent through email.

Useful information is also provided to you through email like statistics and reviews on our firm, case outcomes and testimonials that can be used to help you decide on how to move forward with your case.

Why do you need to know which court I have to appear in and when?

Our firm works with all the courts out of Arizona. The reason why we ask for this information is because processes and outcomes vary from court to court.

Each court has different judges, and there are many that we are familiar with. We know what they like and dislike which becomes very beneficial for the course of your case.

Knowing when you have your next court date is extremely helpful to us.

This tell us how fast we need to act on your case and decides what our first step is.

Our new clients come to us at may different stages of their case, whether it starts with an arraignment or with a second pretrial conference.

Why do you need my case number?

In some situations, we are unable to locate your case with just your name and date of birth, that is why we ask if you have a case or complaint number. In other words, it is best to collect as much information about your case, so we do not run into a wall.

Why do you need to know what type of case I have?

At R&R Law Group our sole focus is Criminal Defense, in that category we have many different types of cases and when it comes to speaking with you about it there’s no shame in not mentioning what you need help with.

This is crucial, and it gives us an understanding on what we can do for you. It lets us provide you with options and possible outcomes regarding your case.

We know that you are just looking for advice, not to be committed to us, but it is still best to have all this information now. Should you decide to hire right away, we would have gotten this hard stuff out of the way already.