Getting the most out of your case evaluation

How should I prepare to talk about my case with an attorney?

Your case evaluation with R&R Law Group has been set, how do I prepare to talk about my case?

There are a couple of things that can be done prior to speaking with an attorney, first make sure that you are in a quiet setting. A place where there is no background noise and all your attention can be set on your case evaluation.

This is important because you want to make sure that all your questions are being answered and you’ll be focused on all the information that you are retaining from the attorney.

Making a list of questions so that when you are talking to an attorney you can check them off.


A little research never hurt anyone.

Being informed prior to talking to an attorney about your case can only be helpful.

It also let’s the attorney know how important your case is for you and why – what are your biggest concerns?

Paperwork and Citation

Having all documents regarding your case is the most important of all.

This helps the attorney know what is currently happening with your case.

It let’s us know exactly what needs to be done.

All information regarding your case is on your citation like case number, which court you have to appear in, when you have to appear, the exact charges against you.

Making sure that you know all these specifics to your case is very important as well. For example, knowing the specific date incident happened, knowing when your next court date is, etc.

Know exactly what it is that you want from an attorney.

Take notes about what the attorney is saying