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Shoplifting in Arizona can carry severe penalties. Being classified as a misdemeanor depends on the overall value of the items that were taken, and whether or not you have any prior criminal history. The R&R Law Group can step in to represent you and make sure your rights are protected

What is considered shoplifting?

Shoplifting does not necessarily mean you took an item. It is a crime of theft, and can include altering or removing price tags, changing the container items are packaged in, concealing certain items, and removing the merchandise from the store without paying.

In order for a shoplifting charge to be classified as a misdemeanor, the value of the goods must be under $1,000. If the value is higher, the crime may be considered a felony. Our firm works to get the charges lessened, showing there was additional criminal activity taking place. If you are formally charged with a misdemeanor shoplifting charge, you could face up to six months in jail.

What are the consequences of shoplifting in Arizona?

There are a number of possible outcomes in a shoplifting case. These outcomes can include fines, community service or jail time. If this is a first time offense, our firm may be able to negotiate placement in a diversion program that will prevent the conviction from being on your record. This would be a welcomed scenario, one of our common defense recommendations.

What types of defenses are available for a misdemeanor shoplifting charge?

The R&R Law Group has a number of defenses available to assist in getting this charge reduced or dismissed. Common defenses include:

Violation of Constitutional Rights

We review the entire case to make sure you were properly detained. If the Miranda rights were not read, or our client was bullied into making a statement, we will fight to get the charge dropped based on improper confessions or searches that were in direct violation of your constitutional rights.

Inflated Values

In many instances, the value of the property is inflated to increase the penalties associated with the offense. We make sure you are represented for the actual value of the item and make sure there are no additional charges placed on your case.

No Intent

This is a very common defense, especially if there is no prior history, and the item was unknowingly taken as you left the premises. Things happen, and we understand. You may have been distracted and forgot to pay. At R&R Law Group, we review video and other evidence to demonstrate your good character and ability to pay for the item.

We work aggressively to minimize the effects of a misdemeanor shoplifting charge, now and further down the line. Even a misdemeanor charge could impact opportunities in the future, such as employment that requires a clean financial history, or one without theft.

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