Tempe Police Buy New Vehicles for East Valley DUI Enforcement

The Tempe Police Department purchased 3 new vehicles aimed at increasing enforcement of DUI related crimes. Every year around the holiday season from November through New Years, East Valley cities embark on what is called “super saturation” enforcement. They focus on intense DUI enforcement through out the Valley in what is known as the East Valley Task Force.

The 3 new vehicles that Tempe purchased are all unmarked and, as such, will help police “with the element of surprise”, according to the article. These vehicles will be used in conjunction with other vehicles from East Valley cities, including Scottsdale’s mobile command centers:

Tempe Police Buy New Vehicles for East Valley DUI Enforcement

Scottsdale Police Command Center

When police engage in “super saturation” tactics, many innocent people get caught up in the net. Often times, people who have committed no infractions whatsoever find themselves charges with crimes or civil traffic violations simply as justifications for being stopped by the police. The police cannot stop you for no reason or without “reasonable suspicion”. Unfortunately, our clients have often found that once the police determine that there is no DUI violation, that other violations magically appear.

If you or a loved one are charged with a DUI or traffic crime during this super saturation period, contact our firm for a free case evaluations by calling (480) 729-6280.