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Do I need a Traffic Ticket Lawyer?

Many people wonder whether they need a lawyer for a civil speeding or moving traffic tickets. In some states, speeding and traffic ticket violations are non-serious in nature and can be simply paid and dismissed. However, in Arizona, all speeding tickets and moving violations carry points that are assessed to your license that can have lasting impacts for years. These points transfer out of Arizona to most states around the nation, meaning there is no escape.

Most speeding tickets for “speed not reasonable and prudent” carry 3 points that are assessed to your license, and a fine that increases the greater the speed of the violation. Other speeding violation and most other non-major moving violations are 2 points:

  • Crossing a Gore Area; 3 points
  • HOV Lane Violations; 2 points
  • Unsafe Lane Change; 2 points
  • Following Too Close; 2 points
  • Wide Right Turn; 2 points
  • Red Light Violation; 2 points (+Traffic Survival School requirement)
  • Failure to Yield; 2 points

In Arizona, an accumulation of too many points on your license may result in additional penalties assessed by the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department. Any person exceeding 8 points on their driving record within the last 12 months may be ordered to attend Traffic Survival School, an 8 hour that must be completed in person. An accumulation of additional points may result in a license suspension of up to 90 days, 6 months or 1 year depending upon the driver’s history.

Additionally, all points assessed to your driving record remain there permanently, but are readily accessible by your insurance company and employers for a period of 39 months. This can lead to increased insurance rates and difficulty obtaining employment where driving may be required or where access to company vehicles may be important.

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