Do I need a criminal speeding attorney?

Arizona Criminal Speeding Lawyer

Criminal Speeding Laws in Arizona

Criminal Speeding in Arizona is a class 3 misdemeanor, which means that if convicted, you could be punished by up to 30 days in jail, face fines and fees of up $500, receive 3 points on your driver’s license, and have a permanent criminal conviction on your record. An accumulation of 8 or more points on your driving record within 1 year can result in suspension of driving record.

There are 3 ways one can be charged with criminal speeding, also none as excessive speeding:

  • Driving any speed that exceeds 35 miles per hour approaching a school zone
  • Driving any speed that exceeds 20 miles per hour over the posted speed limit (for example, travelling 56 miles per hour in a 35 mile per hour zone)
  • Driving any speed that exceeds 85 miles per hour, no matter what the speed limit (for example, travelling 86 miles per hour in a 75 mile per hour zone)

Some jurisdictions in Arizona like the cities of Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale and Phoenix may impose jail time in these cases if the prosecutors believe the speed alleged in the case warrants that penalty.

Do I need a Criminal Speeding Lawyer?

The majority of individuals charged with criminal speeding who contact our firm have never been charged or convicted of a crime. Many people are shocked to learn that Arizona has laws that criminalize a simple speeding infraction. They are concerned that a criminal speeding conviction could permanently be affixed to their record, impacting their job, their future career plans, their insurance rates, and their professional licensing. If you share in these concerns, it is important to consider investing in a lawyer to assist you in dismissing or reducing the charge.

Our firm has a comprehensive strategy to fight criminal speeding tickets in Arizona. While some firms treat these violations like simple speeding tickets, we do not. Our goals in every case include finding a resolution that results in:

  • Complete case dismissal for legal violations and errors
  • Dismissal through diversion
  • Dismissal through Defensive Driving School
  • Reduction to non-moving civil violation
  • Reduction to standard civil speeding violation
  • Elimination of any jail penalties
  • Prevention of reporting to criminal agencies
  • Prevention of sentence affecting immigration application
  • Expungement or Motion to Set Aside Conviction

We achieve these results by reviewing every criminal speeding case exactly as we would for a DUI or major misdemeanor. The same rules of criminal procedure apply to all misdemeanor crimes. This means we have the same tools available to us as we would in a case involving more serious offenses such as DUI or even major felonies. Utilizing these rules and depending on the case, our firm often requests that the state deliver the following materials for our review:

  • The officer’s police report and notes regarding the traffic stop
  • Calibration records from the speed measurement device used (whether Radar, Laser, LIDAR, VASCAR or PACE)
  • Tuning fork calibration records
  • Maintenance records for the speed measurement devices
  • Repair orders for the speed measurement devices
  • Officer training records (certificates of completion of Radar or LIDAR school)
  • Officer test results from the speed measurement training
  • Dash cam footage from the police vehicle
  • GPS data to review the officer location and alleged “catch up” speed
  • On-body camera recordings from the officer
  • Audio records from the traffic encounter
  • 911 call recordings
  • Witness statements
  • Whether the officer has any background of falsifying information or lying while on duty

We also focus on our client’s position and gather their side of the story to present to both the state and Judge to help facilitate a resolution. We work with our clients to gather mitigation information: information about who they are as a person, what they are doing with their lives, how this case has affected them, and how the intend to rectify their driving habits. Utilizing both of these avenues, our team has developed a comprehensive strategy to fight these allegations through with both legal defenses and with mitigation information. The team at the R&R Law Group has had success all through Arizona in both dismissing and reducing criminal speeding tickets and can help you do the same in your case. Contact the R&R Law Group at (602) 362-7874 to discuss your criminal speeding ticket today.