El Mirage Photoradar & Traffic Camera Ticket

El Mirage Photoradar & Traffic Camera Tickets

El Mirage has employed a private company, RedFlex, to operate and maintain photo enforcement devices all throughout the city. They claim that they are focused on safety, but residents understand these devices are solely installed to generate revenue. Here are a few articles about RedFlex:

It is important to note that if you receive a traffic camera ticket in the mail you DO NOT have to respond to it until you are properly served.

This means you do not have to:

  • Accept responsibility
  • Take a defensive driving school course
  • Identify a driver
  • Request a hearing

Instead, you can ignore the ticket and wait until a process server comes to your home to serve you, or somebody at your residence with the ticket personally. Responding to the ticket waives your rights, and eliminates many of our defenses. Instead, force the traffic camera company to serve you or somebody at your residence.

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