Waste Management Open Top 6 Crimes Police Charge

Every year in Arizona, we have one of the biggest golf events in the whole world.

It’s called the Waste Management Open.

Celebrities, professional golfers, people from all over the world come to Scottsdale, and they go to the Waste Management Open.

They spend about a week there, and it can be a big, long party. It’s one of the most trafficked events, if not the most trafficked sporting event in the whole world.

So as you can imagine, when everybody comes here, there’s a lot of alcohol involved, there’s a lot of partying, there’s the 16th hole, and the police really increase their presence all around Scottsdale.

With the Waste Management Open, we see an increase in certain crimes.

Ordinarily, we see the same types of crimes, the same type of enforcement and events, all throughout the year, but under the Waste Management event, the police look for, and they charge specific crimes.

Today we’re gonna talk about the top six different crimes that we see, or the increase in crimes that we see, as a direct result, we believe, of the Waste Management Open.

Let’s start at the bottom, let’s start with number six.

This is the number six most increased in crime that we see. And it is open container in vehicle.

This is where people are driving to the Waste Management Open, they may have some alcohol in their car, they may wanna take some shots, or have a beer, or have some sort of alcohol in the car, not while they’re driving, but while the car is parked, they’ll have some drinks before they go into the event.

If the police see an open container of alcohol within the vehicle, they can charge you with a crime for that.

We see more and more of this, specifically surrounding the Waste Management Open. Let’s jump to number five.

Number five is minor in consumption.

So minor in consumption is when somebody who is under the age of 21 is consuming alcohol.

We see this as well, people who are under the age of 21, they’ll certainly want to go to the Waste Management Open, they may be with people who are older than 21, who will purchase the alcohol, everybody will go into the Waste Management Open, people under 21 will be drinking, the police will see that, and they may charge them with a crime.

Minor in consumption is a class one misdemeanor in Arizona, it’s a serious offense. Let’s jump to number four. We also see consumption in public.

This is where people are leaving the Waste Management Open, they’re leaving the golf course, and they are still consuming alcohol outside of the permitted grounds.

When you have big events like this, or festivals, or public events, you can have licenses to have alcohol, obviously, but some people will travel, they’ll go down to a bar, they’ll go down to Old Town, they’ll go out to a restaurant, they may take a limo, they get out of the limo, with alcohol in their hand.

Police will see that, they’ll charge them with consuming alcohol in public, which is also a crime. Number three, we see disorderly conduct.

With alcohol, with golf, with competition, people tend to get a little bit boisterous, people tend to oftentimes create a ruckus, people may get into fights with one another, be screaming, shouting, we see disorderly conduct.

This is kind of a catch-all crime in Arizona, where we see this at bars or at restaurants, when people are getting into highly argumentative conversations on the golf course, police will charge them with disorderly conduct, because they are disturbing the peace and the quiet of other people around the area.

There are certain areas where, of course, that’s permitted and almost encouraged, but in certain situations, the police will emphasize being respectful, being quiet, and if you break that, if you’re causing disorder, they’ll charge you with disorderly conduct.

Number two, we see this very frequently, it’s urinating in public. Urinating in public, it’s very common. People will leave the Waste Management Open, they will use the restroom in the parking lot, they will go to bars or restaurants, and there will be lines to get in, so they need to use the restroom but they cannot find a place to relieve themselves, they will go into an alley. We see this a lot in Old Town.

The Scottsdale Police Department specifically has police on bikes, they just do laps, they go up and down the alleys, they’re looking for people who are urinating in public. It’s a crime in Arizona.

It’s not something that is looked upon favorably, specifically out of Scottsdale, they really like to enforce this charge, so be cautious that you are not urinating anywhere that you’re not supposed to be urinating.

You wanna make sure that you’re holding it, or planning accordingly, because they know where people tend to congregate in order to do that.

They enforce it very seriously. And of course, the number one crime that we see a high increase of around the Waste Management Open is DUIs.

You probably knew that was coming, we see a lot of DUIs. The police set up different checkpoints, they do task forces, where they are really focusing on people leaving the Waste Management Open.

If they see you commit any traffic violation, a wide right turn, if you leave your headlights off, if you’re speeding, they know that you’re coming from a big party, they’re going to stop you for basically any reason that they can justify, or make up, if they want to, sometimes they’ll cause a traffic violation, and they will want to do a DUI investigation. Whether you’ve had anything to drink or not, they’re probably gonna be looking for a DUI, so of course, we encourage everybody at any of these events, please Uber, please use Lyft, carpool, have a designated driver, really no reason why you should be getting DUIs, it’s something that I’m warning you, I warn people every single year, the Waste Management Open is going to have very, very high enforcement, and so if you’ve had anything to drink, if you feel any impairment, if you feel the alcohol at all, you’re probably over the limit, wanna make sure that you have alternative arrangements when you are going to the Open.

So, open containers in vehicles, minor in consumption, consuming alcohol in public, disorderly conduct, urinating in public and DUI, we see an increase every year, if you’ve been charged with one of these, our office is five minutes north of the Scottsdale City Court, we deal with these types of charges all the time.

Give us a call, we’ll schedule you for a free case evaluation, we’ll have a conversation with you, make sure you have a plan, we’ll understand the facts of your case, make sure that we can put together a strategy that’s gonna help ensure that you are not convicted of any one of these offenses.

We look forward to speaking with you.

Thanks for watching, and have a great time at the Open.

Waste Management Open Top 6 Crimes Police Charge

Every year Arizona hosts one of the largest sporting events in the world: The Waste Management Open. With hundreds of thousands of people in attendance, there is always a massive police presence, which results in numerous citations and arrests. As a result, our office routinely sees an increase in certain crimes during this time.

There are specific crimes that the police look for and charge during the Waste Management Open. Here we will discuss the top 6 crimes that are charged at a higher regularity during the Waste Management Open.

#6. Open Container in Vehicle

People will often drive to the Waste Management Open with alcohol in their car with the intent of drinking before entering the event. However, having an open container of alcohol in a vehicle is illegal, regardless of whether the vehicle was being driven. Police will commonly charge people who are having drinks while parked in their car before the event.

#5. Minor in Consumption

Minor in Consumption is when someone who is under the legal drinking age of 21 is consuming alcohol. There are many people under the age of 21 at the Waste Management Open, and a lot of them are with people over 21 who may be buying them alcohol. The police are constantly on the lookout for people who are underage drinking.

Minor in Consumption is a class 1 misdemeanor in Arizona, which is a serious offense.

#4. Consumption in Public

This happens as people are leaving the golf course, but they are still consuming alcohol outside the permitted grounds.

At big public events, some entities are licensed to serve alcohol, and people will be permitted to consume alcohol within a designated area. However, if anyone leaves the area with alcohol in their hand, police will charge them for consuming alcohol in public.

#3. Disorderly Conduct

At large public events centered around competition, especially when alcohol is involved, people can get rowdy. There can be a lot of screaming and shouting, and at times fights will break out. Disorderly Conduct is a catch-all crime in Arizona. At the Waste Management Open, police will charge persons who get into heated altercations with Disorderly Conduct because they are disturbing the peace of those around them.

#2. Urinating in Public

This is a charge that is very common. People will often leave the Waste Management Open and need to use the restroom, but it can be difficult to find a place that doesn’t have a very long line. The Scottsdale Police Department has police on bikes specifically patrolling common alleyways that people use. It is a crime in Arizona, and something that is heavily enforced in Scottsdale.

#1. DUI

Police set up special checkpoints and have special task forces that really focus on people leaving the Waste Management Open. If they see you commit any traffic violation, be it a wide right turn, leaving your headlights off, speeding, or any other traffic violation, they will stop you and want to do a DUI investigation.

If you have been charged with any one of these, contact us immediately, we deal with these types of charges all the time. We offer free case evaluations, and we’ll put together a strategy that best suits your case.