DUI Defenses

Five DUI Defenses Issues

Many people think a misdemeanor is not serious enough to alter your future, but that is not true. In Arizona, a misdemeanor can carry serious consequences, such as probation, jail time, a permanent conviction, and possible issues with employment or clearance for certain endeavors. These are five common DUI defenses for misdemeanor DUI in the State of Arizona:

Intoxilyzer Issues

The Intoxilyzer is used for most alcohol breath testing in Arizona, but has issues with its accuracy. Knowing this, we use this information to request the records of when the device was tested for accuracy, as the State must show the device was working properly before introducing the test results in court. Our firm works on your behalf to make sure your rights are not violated, and you are not coerced into thinking you have no alternatives.

No Reasonable Suspicion to Detain

In Arizona, an individual cannot be stopped unless there is reasonable suspicion. If the officer lacks a valid reason for a stop, any evidence they retrieve related to impaired driving must be suppressed. Many individuals are caught in this situation without knowing or understanding the law. Law enforcement must abide by the rules. The R&R Law Group keeps your best interest in the forefront to make sure you are not railroaded into a bad outcome. We evaluate your case and craft the best defense that can work in your favor.

Miranda Warning Violations

If a detainee is taken into custody prior to questioning that was initiated by law enforcement, the officers must read Miranda warnings to the detainee. If this does not occur, the defense attorney can argue that any statements made should be inadmissible. Unless a waiver of the warnings or detainee’s rights are presented, any statement made during interrogation can be suppressed. The team at R&R Law will properly advise you throughout the process, cautioning you to remain silent at all times, refraining from making any statements or asking any questions that could harm your case.

Motion to Suppress Breath Test

Our team at R&R Law can file a motion to suppress your breath test, which is consistently being questioned due to ongoing Intoxilyzer Issue. We look at all aspects of your case to determine which avenue would be most beneficial to your defense.

Motion to Dismiss the DUI Case

There are many different defense options available that can help your case. We review every defense method and strategy to determine whether or not filing a motion to dismiss your case is the best decision. In most cases where your rights were violated, our motion to dismiss results in a favorable outcome.

Having the right team representing you is key in getting your misdemeanor DUI cases properly resolved in a favorable manner. These situations should not be viewed lightly, as they could severely impact your future and quality-of-life. Taking the time to consult with Scottsdale DUI Lawyer at R&R Law is one of the best decisions you can make for your case and your future. Contact us for a free evaluation today! or Fill this form to assist our firm to evaluate your case.