What Should You Look for in a Criminal Defense Law Firm?

Criminal Defense Law Firm in Arizona

Winning Strategy
Ask questions to figure out what the process of your case is, and then have the firm explain to you how they implement defense strategies. The R&R Law Group uses an aggressive and modern approach to defend our clients. Traditions change as technology advances. The R&R Law Group stays ahead of the times by research and actively participating in Continuing Legal Education. Old ways are not always the best ways.

While doing your research for a criminal defense law firm, be sure to search the State Bar of Arizona’s website to ensure the proper credentials. You will also be able to see whether an attorney has been reprimanded for unethical practices. All of the attorneys at R&R Law Group have perfectly clean records, and we encourage you to have a look for yourself. Find Lawyer.

Knowledge of the Courts
A firm that has experience defending cases like yours will be familiar with the court that is handling your case. The R&R Law Group practices in courts all over the state of Arizona. In order words, no matter which county in Arizona your court is located, we have experience there and we know the prosecutors and judges and their tendencies. This is an advantage to your defense, because we will know how to better approach your case to gain as favorable of an outcome as possible. Additionally, our firm practices exclusively in criminal defense and traffic defense. There are no other areas of law that our firm practices in.

Straightforward and Honest
Law firms made up of reputable attorneys will not make any false promises to you. They will not guarantee you any outcomes in order to earn your business. They also will not charge you with hidden fees after they are retained. Respectable firms will be straightforward on how they handle cases like yours. They will be upfront with you on what the retainer fee will be and will inform you of what services the fee will and will not include. They will be truthful to you about what a criminal conviction could mean, and they will tell you what you NEED to hear—not what you WANT to hear.

If you or a loved one is facing a criminal charge, give our Criminal Defense Team a call today to schedule a free case evaluation at 602-362-9727, or please feel free to schedule a free consultation on our website.

About the Author: Ryan W. Cummings

Ryan attended the University of Evansville in Indiana where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Finance and Marketing and was a member of Lambda Chi Alpha. He then received his Juris Doctorate from the Phoenix School of Law where he accelerated his education to graduate early. While at the Phoenix School of Law, Ryan was active within the legal community and was the school’s Student Pro- Bono Coordinator. Ryan also joined the Steering Committee on Arizona Wills for Heroes, a group that writes wills for Police, Fire, EMT, First Responders, Prison and Probation Officers. Ryan is still part of the Steering Committee and actively participates in Wills for Heroes.